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The From the Village to the City Technology Museum has approval from the Ministry of Culture and is a boutique museum in Yeşilyurt Village in Mount Ida region. The museum has approximately 500 ethnographic pieces which are tools that have made our lives easier since the 18th century.

The museum also includes some publications and music recordings under the name of the MEVKUTE museum and the visitors are able to travel in time inside the museum.

The development and the technological evolution of the objects/tools that have made life easier for humans is shown in the museum which includes pieces from both the Ottoman and other countries and civilizations. There are different collections in the museum which includes pieces used in daily life for sheltering, heating, lighting, communicating, etc. There are many interesting works and pieces in this museum where unknown aspects about brands such as Peugeot,Opel, Mercedes, Ericsson, and Motorola can also be seen.
The museum displays the development of radios, televisions, phones and computers in a very interesting way and also includes a rich collection of typewriters, calculators and bicycles.

Again newspapers of the days of very important events such as the death of MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK, the first publications of the first works of eminent writers and works of famous artists are also on exhibition in this museum which has a rich collection for the visitors to enjoy. You should absolutely visit the From the Village to the City Technology Museum which is a museum that is continuously updated with new pieces added to its collection.


The purpose of founding the museum is to allow the new generations who are used to the technology of today to travel in time observing the development of that technology.

The village where the museum is located is the Yeşilyurt Village in the region known as the Mount Ida region. This village offers its visitors village life together with modern life with its cafes and hotels without spoiling its natural landscape.

The Mount Ida region is an area consisting of six mountains known for their oxygen richness. Mount Ida, Dede Mountain, Kocakatran Mountain, Eybek Mountain, Baba Mountain and Güngen Mountain are the mountains known as the Mount Ida region. Mount Ida consists of three hills and Karataş hill which is the highest and has an altitude of 1774 meters.

The most important towns in the region are Küçükkuyu, which is within the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, and Altınoluk, which is within the Edremit district of Balıkesir. Mount Ida is largely surrounded with forests and there is a thermal water source in Güre which is quite nearby. Hasan Boğuldu, the Zeus Altar,AdatepeVillage and Yeşilyurt village where our hotel is located are the touristic spots in the region. Mount Ida has been home to many important events in Ancient times.

The most important legend about the name of the Mount Ida is the Sarıkız legend. There are different versions of this legend with different stories.

FROM THE VILLAGE TO THE CITY TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM is established in a separate section in theKarye l| Museum Hoteland it offers its visitors a Café, a Restaurant and a beautiful forest landscape to enjoy. Various souvenirs are offered in its shop such as antique imitations, ornaments, etc.

The museum also enables its visitors to taste delicious food in a matchless natural landscape. You should absolutely visit this museum where you will be able to take a cultural journey.